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Digitally Fit in 4 Steps

Managing digital transformation with an operating model

> Scoping the transformation
> Roadmapping the program
> Execution

Digitally Fit in 4 Steps

Comprehensive technology responses to the key business scenarios

> Automated top-down & bottom-up analysis
> Proper portfolio selection
> Effective alignment of strategy fulfillment
> To-Be capability planning through investment prioritization
> Application and infra rationalization based on business and technical fit
> Effective change management, road mapping on architectural transformation

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BDDK Regulation

Critical subject areas to be addressed in the new BDDK regulation:

> Information Security Governance
> Information Asset Management
> Risk Management Improvements

Risk Governance

Asset based corporate risk management through information asset catalogs:

> Visible
> Defined
> Owned
> Segmented
> Qualified
> Accessible

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