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Imperitech offers its widely recognized and
well-respected consulting services, frameworks, operating models, and software technology solutions in an unique portfolio of capabilities:

> Management, Strategy, and Investment Planning
> Digitalization and Digital Transformation
> Process Mining and Process Discovery
> Hyper Intelligent Process Automation
> Low-Code & No-Code and Advanced Robotics
> Enterprise Architecture Governance
> Project and Portfolio Management
> Data Governance, Modeling, and Operations
> GDPR and Turkish Protection of Personal Data Act (KVKK)
> Information Assets and Information Security
> Technology and Technical Debt Management
> Operation and Finance
> Risk and Business Resiliency
> Business and Technology Operating Models
> Business Value and Competency Management
> Standardization, Regulation, and Compliance

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Imperitech offers its services and products for more than 20 diverse industries. We have a successful track in many more industries starting from finance and telecommunication.

> Banking and Finance
> Insurance
> Telecommunication
> Telecommunication Electronics
> Public Sector
> Defense
> Aviation
> Healthcare
> Pharmaceuticals
> Beverage
> Energy
> Oil and Gas
> Manufacturing
> Tourism
> Entertainment
> Transportation
> R&D and Education
> IT Services
> Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
> Communication Technologies
> Machines and Power Systems

Leading Brands

We've successfully introduced many market-leading innovations over the years.

These leading brands, which are in the position of best industry practices, offer unique models and software technologies. Some of these intellectual properties
would be listed like:

> "Strategy Maps", strategy planning and management
> "Digitally Fit in 4 Steps", digital transformation
> "EA Playbook", enterprise architecture governance
> "Portfolios", enterprise portfolio management
> "Data 360°", data governance and operations

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New-Gen Models

Imperitech offers new-generation models
and technologies from strategy to operation, data management to enterprise architecture, idea management to risk management, and many more.

By applying Imperitech’s extensive toolset, institutions can be managed effectively as a group or based on individual companies. They can be operated with holistic planning and performance management from many different perspectives and priorities.

Technologies: Avolution

Avolution is one of the most strategic technology vendors we've worked with for many years.

Avolution's Abacus has thousands of Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Modeling, and Process Modeling customers all over the world. Imperitech and Avolution have been partners in a long-standing alliance to represent the Enterprise Architecture technology Abacus and the services in Turkey, Kuwait, and in MEA region.

ABACUS is the primary technology platform of our Enterprise Architecture offerings; we’ve been investing in Abacus for years as an underlying technology of our EA Playbook (former IT EAGF) in terms of services and technology solutions.

Latest Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Architecture Tools positions Avolution in Leaders Quadrant for the 6th year in a row. Alongside the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools, the 2021 Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Architecture dives into vendor functionalities for high-priority use cases. ABACUS has obtained the highest scores among the 16 vendors that were evaluated.

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Technologies: Nintex

Today 10,000+ public and private sector organizations, including more than 50% of the Fortune 500, turn to the Nintex Process Platform to accelerate digital transformation.

Nintex and Imperitech has a strategic alliance in Turkey and MEA region. We provide our digitalization, process discovery, process mining, hyper intelligent process automation, low-code & no-code and advanced robotics services on Nintex platforms.

We enable our clients to go digital faster with Nintex’s easy-to-use and powerful business process management and intelligent automation software designed to eliminate paper processes and repetitive, manual tasks with clicks, not code.

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Technologies: Microsoft

Imperitech has been one of Microsoft's very few managed partners in the MEA region for Enterprise Portfolio and Project, Resource Management solutions and services.

With more than 20 years of experience, we provide our widely recognized project and portfolio management solutions on top of Microsoft Project and Sharepoint platforms.

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Technologies: SAP

Imperitech is the first and only global OEM solution provider of SAP PowerDesigner with more than 20 years of experience in data modeling.

We have market-leading data modeling, design, and database development solutions as OEM products which provide PowerDesigner in the bundle and are in the position of best industry practices.

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